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John Henry is the name and creating timeless works of art is the game.  I’m a Print Designer and Illustrator who specializes in a variety of different things and elements based in Newton, North Carolina with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design.

I’ve always thought of myself as a designer who was born in the wrong generation, as I believe in the power of a great design with traditional designing methods.  That being hand drawn abilities and one’s own creativity.  But that doesn’t mean I’m inexperienced or totally opposed to what Adobe software offers.  Ever since I was a lad, I was passionate about bringing my visions to fruition on paper with the use of a pencil and pack of crayola crayons.  Today I guess you can say I’ve upgraded tremendously, and am now dedicated to making others aspirations a reality.

My background varies from t-shirt designs for clients to tattoo designs; and I’m looking to expand greatly by getting my feet wet in different types and mediums of design, meanwhile making the world a much more appealing place through my talent.